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Day 30 of 365

The Sweetest Thing – U2

I’ve been an Apple fan for many years now, and after owning several Macs over the years I have to say my Macbook Pro is definitely my all-time favourite. It still impresses me how light, thin, powerful and durable it is as compared to many other PC laptops out there. Also, not forgetting how long the battery lasts on a full charge (10 hours!). As a homage to the original classic Apple logo, I bought a custom retro sticker and stuck it on the laptop (you can find it here). What’s more, the sticker is translucent, which means it glows when your screen is on!

Ok, without sounding too much like an Apple commercial, on to today’s shot. I set the camera using the 50mm lens on the tripod with an f/10 aperture size and 20s shutter speed. Relied on the lights in my room for lighting instead of setting the flash. HDR’ed to finish off. Love how HDR accentuates the colour of the retro Apple logo and brings out the texture of the leather couch. If you look carefully, you can even see the reflection of the laptop on the leather (where the ports are).

Til tomorrow.


Day 29 of 365

Yellow – Coldplay

Short post today cos I’ve caught the flu from someone at the mall (damn you, whoever you are). Anyway, was about to drop the Vitamin C tablet into the glass of water when I thought that it would be a good photo opportunity. Well, actually I took a picture of the tablet dissolving but I didn’t realise how immediate the reaction would be. Still, love how HDR makes the gassy bubbles and the colour of the water pop.

Til tomorrow.

Day 28 of 365

Rain – The Beatles

Early post today cos it started to rain so I thought I’d better do today’s photo before I get lazy later in the day. Was out of ideas for today’s post and I can’t go outdoors so this is what I came up with. Set the lens on manual focus cos autofocus was getting confused between the droplets and the background. It kinda looks like the iPhone 4’s default wallpaper, in a way. Come to think of it, I might just set this as my wallpaper too. Hmm.

Til tomorrow.

Day 27 of 365

Road Runner – Aerosmith

Feeling kinda satisfied that I finally got to take this photo cos I’ve had this idea for quite awhile but haven’t been able to do it. Had a bit of trouble finding the right spot to set the tripod up in the car but this is what I finally came up with. As you can see, I only managed to rev the engine to 4000rpm before letting go of the accelerator cos I don’t think my neighbours would be too appreciative of me making noise at night (what more maintaining the engine rev for the 20+ second shutter speed). Still happy with this shot though cos you get to see the light trails as the needle moves up and down.

Didn’t HDR this cos I thought it was nice enough by itself.


Day 26 of 365

Waltzing Matilda – Lyrics by A. B. Paterson

In the spirit of Australia Day, it was a given that today’s post had to be OZ-related. Considering I’ve spent five years of my life there (which, of course isn’t comparable to many others), I’ve grown so accustomed to the Australian way of life that it’s a bit of a culture shock being back for good. Still hasn’t really sunk in that I’m not heading down under again anytime soon (at least I don’t think so).

In any case, Happy Australia everyone!

Day 25 of 365

Long Road to Ruin – Foo Fighters

Finally, I’ve bought a tripod cos I can’t wait any longer for my boxes to arrive. Got it for $75 at Sim Lim Square and it’s pretty solid for its price. This was taken along the road outside my house, hoping that I wouldn’t get knocked down while standing in the middle of the road. Although the original photo on the camera definitely isn’t grainy at ISO800, somehow HDR makes it slightly noisy – gotta learn how to brush that out properly.

Buying the tripod now means that there are more night shots to come. Watch for them.


Day 24 of 365

Work Hard – Depeche Mode

This is another shot taken at the roadside food stall down in JB. The food’s really cheap and good – if you can look past the actual hygiene infringements. Somehow, I’ve never encountered any stomach upset as far as I can recall eating at places like this. Definitely something that you can’t find in Melbourne or anywhere in Australia for that matter.


Day 23 of 365

Spinning Around – Kylie Minogue

This ice-cream fan was given to me by my girlfriend just before we left Melbourne (naturally she’s got a pink one). It leans more towards vanity rather than practicality cos its motor isn’t the most powerful out there but it still gets the job well and keeps me cool. It’s actually part of her plan to make me cut back on eating ice-cream, which is one of my most notorious bad habits. Whether that plan has been effective – well that’s yet to be determined :p

Shot this with the 50mm with natural sunlight angled towards it through the wooden blinds and not forgetting HDR.

Til tomorrow.

Day 22 of 365

Nature Boy – David Bowie

Late post again for yesterday’s photo, but I’m making it up with an early post for today. While I was taking photos of the roadside stall in JB before, I noticed this boy curiously looking at me probably wondering why I’m bringing my camera around taking photo of food. Naturally, I pointed the camera at him to test the water and he actually started posing. Later, I found out that his parents own the roadside stall. I didn’t notice it while shooting, but after processing the photo I realised that a few of his teeth have already gone bad and are black – very saddening.

Shot this with the 28-105mm and HDR.

Day 21 of 365

Hollaback Girl – Gwen Stefani

Just realised I’ve been in Malaysia pretty frequently of late. Today was an impromptu makan trip across the causeway to JB. Took a photo of the bananas that are fried in batter to make Goreng Pisang. Gotta love cheap and good roadside Malaysian food.

Took this with the 28-105mm and HDR’ed to finish.

I’ve gotta get round to getting a new tripod cos I can’t wait any longer for my boxes. Can’t believe I missed out on a full moon shot tonight.