by Imran Abdullah

Day 5 of 365

Hot Mess – Cobra Starship

Early post today cos I’ll be at the airport sending off my sister and will most probably not make it for 365 tonight. This one’s of a manual stone grinder which is used to pound chilli and belachan; the combination of which gives even more spice and flavour into any type of curry. It sure tastes much better than it looks, save for the inevitable aftermath the next morning. Funny story, I used to religiously pound chilli for a friend in Melbourne during our weekly gatherings but I made the mistake of telling that to my family. Naturally, now all the pounding at home has to be done by me.  Somehow, pounding chilli in this stone grinder still tastes way better than throwing the chilli into an electric grinder.

Couldn’t resist using the 50mm again for this shot. HDR’ed it as usual to bring out the colours and the stone texture.

Now… I’ve gotta brace myself for the chilli’s after effects.

Peace out.


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