by Imran Abdullah

Day 25 of 365

Long Road to Ruin – Foo Fighters

Finally, I’ve bought a tripod cos I can’t wait any longer for my boxes to arrive. Got it for $75 at Sim Lim Square and it’s pretty solid for its price. This was taken along the road outside my house, hoping that I wouldn’t get knocked down while standing in the middle of the road. Although the original photo on the camera definitely isn’t grainy at ISO800, somehow HDR makes it slightly noisy – gotta learn how to brush that out properly.

Buying the tripod now means that there are more night shots to come. Watch for them.



One response

  1. Darren Nunis

    Drop your ISO down to 100-200. You’ve got a tripod now, don’t worry. Also use a timer so you completely minimise camera shake.

    January 25, 2011 at 11:27 PM

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