by Imran Abdullah

Day 30 of 365

The Sweetest Thing – U2

I’ve been an Apple fan for many years now, and after owning several Macs over the years I have to say my Macbook Pro is definitely my all-time favourite. It still impresses me how light, thin, powerful and durable it is as compared to many other PC laptops out there. Also, not forgetting how long the battery lasts on a full charge (10 hours!). As a homage to the original classic Apple logo, I bought a custom retro sticker and stuck it on the laptop (you can find it here). What’s more, the sticker is translucent, which means it glows when your screen is on!

Ok, without sounding too much like an Apple commercial, on to today’s shot. I set the camera using the 50mm lens on the tripod with an f/10 aperture size and 20s shutter speed. Relied on the lights in my room for lighting instead of setting the flash. HDR’ed to finish off. Love how HDR accentuates the colour of the retro Apple logo and brings out the texture of the leather couch. If you look carefully, you can even see the reflection of the laptop on the leather (where the ports are).

Til tomorrow.


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