by Imran Abdullah

Day 31 of 365

Car Wash – Christina Aguilera ft. Missy Elliott

Late post but hey better than late than never. Was in JB again yesterday with my folks to run some errands. This shot was actually a fluke cos I was just looking through the photos in my camera when this battered up Mitsubishi (I think it’s a Galant) pulled up beside us on the road, so I quickly snapped without winding down the window. That explains the partial motion blur and my reflection in the window.

By the way, this is the car’s best side. I didn’t manage to take a photo of its left side but it’s possibly 80% rusty and generally battered. It’s funny how people nowadays send their cars to the workshop for the slightest problem, while this old guy simply doesn’t really care. Despite that, the car is still running and it still brings him from Point A to B (hopefully).



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