by Imran Abdullah

Day 46 of 365

Evolution is a Mystery – Motorhead

Another five-day catch up this week cos I’ve been under the weather. This photo is of the Macs I’ve used circa 2004-present. From left to right, I’ve got my 12″ iBook G4, my black 13″ Macbook (aka Blackbook) and my current 13″ Macbook Pro. I’ve always been a Mac fan and always will be. It’s interesting to note that although naturally being slow and unable to keep up with today’s apps, the iBook G4 is actually still running and has never failed on me.

As a homage to these systems, I set the wallpaper for the three Macs to the OS X Panther, Leopard and Snow Leopard default wallpaper respectively. Technically the Blackbook originally ran on OS X Tiger, but who cares anyway.


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