by Imran Abdullah


Day 51 of 365

Smoke on the Water – Deep Purple

Here goes the massive catch-up that I need to do. This was taken somewhere along the way to Geelong, I think.


Day 26 of 365

Waltzing Matilda – Lyrics by A. B. Paterson

In the spirit of Australia Day, it was a given that today’s post had to be OZ-related. Considering I’ve spent five years of my life there (which, of course isn’t comparable to many others), I’ve grown so accustomed to the Australian way of life that it’s a bit of a culture shock being back for good. Still hasn’t really sunk in that I’m not heading down under again anytime soon (at least I don’t think so).

In any case, Happy Australia everyone!

Day 24 of 365

Work Hard – Depeche Mode

This is another shot taken at the roadside food stall down in JB. The food’s really cheap and good – if you can look past the actual hygiene infringements. Somehow, I’ve never encountered any stomach upset as far as I can recall eating at places like this. Definitely something that you can’t find in Melbourne or anywhere in Australia for that matter.


Day 19 of 365

Chasing Cars – Snow Patrol

Phew, it’s been tough catching up on the past four missed posts. Apologies again, guys. This shot was taken at the recently-defunct Malaccan Go-Kart track. HDR’ed it to bring out the colours and the texture of the track and karts, as usual.

Thou shall not be deprived of an internet connection again. Fingers crossed.

Peace out.


Day 18 of 365

Take a Bow – Rihanna

This shot’s of a street performer along Orchard Road. Pretty amazing how this old dude can still swing those large beads around his body and neck to raise money for himself. Gotta say though, that lil nip-slip was purely luck and unintentional.

Day 17 of 365

Put Your Lights On – Santana feat. Everlast

This was taken again from my iPhone 4 at the Feast Village in Star Hill. HDR again. I found the bottle-pillar design pretty interesting.

Day 16 of 365

Two Is Better Than One – Boys Like Girls feat. Taylor Swift

Apologies for all the delayed posts – was stuck without an Internet connection for the past few days so am gonna make up for lost time today. This shot’s of the KLCC Twin Towers taken with my iPhone 4 cos I didn’t have my DSLR with me. HDR’ed it up. Not too shabby for a camera phone, i must say.

Day 14 of 365

Mine – Taylor Swift

Short post today cos I just got back from KL and am totally knackered. Been a busy few days but had a really great time catching up with friends. Today’s shot is of me and my girlfriend taken with a point-and-shoot outside of Pavillion in KL. Decided to work in Aperture and avoid HDR for today’s shot cos HDR can get pretty unforgiving on portraits if not done well. I’m getting the hang of this point and shoot – it can get temperamental at times but most of the time the shots turn out pretty well. I’d still stick to my DSLR any day though.

Til tomorrow.

Day 3 of 365

The Unforgettable Fire – U2

Went to Carousel at Royal Plaza on Scotts today for High Tea as a treat for my sister who’s leaving for the UK again this Wednesday. Took a lot of shots with another lens but couldn’t resist swapping to my 50mm (yes, again) for a close up of the candles in the lobby. Love how the single candle and its flame stand out. Didn’t HDR this shot cos I thought it was beautiful on its own (save for minor adjustments in Photoshop).

Cheers people!


Day 2 of 365

Don’t go chasing waterfalls

Today’s shot is of a small Balinese rice mill that’s in our backyard pond. The pond used to be full of huge Koi and Guppies but they were too troublesome to maintain (something to do with them clogging up the filters, if you catch my drift), so what we’ve got left is some generic fish which surprisingly have lasted for a long while now.

This is my first attempt at HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography, which in my opinion isn’t too shabby. Love how it emphasizes the texture of the stone and algae while giving a ‘ghostly’ overall effect. While there are those who aren’t fans of HDR photography, those of you who haven’t heard about it before can learn more about it here.

I used the 50mm lens again for this shot. Can’t go wrong with the bokeh!