by Imran Abdullah


Day 48 of 365

The Bird – Prince

This photo was taken at an open park in Mount Dandenong a few months back. The little boy in the background was actually feeding these parrots, but when he ran out of bird food he decided to shoo them all away. I consider this to be a pretty lucky shot.


Day 46 of 365

Evolution is a Mystery – Motorhead

Another five-day catch up this week cos I’ve been under the weather. This photo is of the Macs I’ve used circa 2004-present. From left to right, I’ve got my 12″ iBook G4, my black 13″ Macbook (aka Blackbook) and my current 13″ Macbook Pro. I’ve always been a Mac fan and always will be. It’s interesting to note that although naturally being slow and unable to keep up with today’s apps, the iBook G4 is actually still running and has never failed on me.

As a homage to these systems, I set the wallpaper for the three Macs to the OS X Panther, Leopard and Snow Leopard default wallpaper respectively. Technically the Blackbook originally ran on OS X Tiger, but who cares anyway.

Day 45 of 365

That’s The Way Love Goes – Janet Jackson

Mmhmm, you know this post was coming. Pretty apt for the 14th of February, even though by the time I posted this the clock hit 12.01am, damn! Anyway, this is of a wooden heart that my girlfriend gave to me. She’s got one for herself too. Phew, I finally completed all the catch-up entries I needed to do. Score!


Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! 🙂

Day 44 of 365

Vogue – Madonna

Although there’s a photo of these statues in a group a few entries back, I felt this shot was cool cos HDR just brings out the shininess of the texture. Somehow, it also makes the statues look like they’re separate from the Louis Vuitton background. I like.

Day 43 of 365

Just Dance – Lady Gaga

This shot was taken at the fountain outside Ngee Ann City (Takashimaya). The sculpture kinda looks like there are three dancers moving around, if you look closely.

Day 42 of 365

Perfect Blue Buildings – Counting Crows

I particularly like this picture cos HDR managed to accentuate the blue colour of the mall, making it stand out in comparison to ION beside it.

Day 41 of 365

Space Oddity – David Bowie

This is the view of the main foyer of the ION mall taken from below. Love how HDR brings out the colours of the reflections in the glass. This kinda looks like the Mothership from Independence Day, somehow.

Day 40 of 365

Life in Technicolor – Coldplay

Back from yet another hiatus to Kuala Lumpur, which means no Internet connection (or was there?). In any case, here goes all the updates to catch up with the 365 cos the show must go on.

The following shots were taken during a short walkabout I took today around town. These statues somehow are supposed to promote the new ION mall in Orchard Road. Interesting how HDR brings out the colours and gives the statues a plasticine-ish kinda look.

Day 39 of 365

Take A Bow – Madonna

Ok, I promise that this’ll be the last photo I post from Janet’s concert. I took this in widescreen mode with the camera’s inbuilt tilt-shift function to miniaturise the crowd and am pretty pleased with the result. Kinda looks like everyone’s made out of Lego. Never realised how small the Indoor Stadium really is. Despite that, it was actually surprisingly packed for Janet’s concert.

Til tomorrow.

Day 38 of 365

Black Cat – Janet Jackson

I got hold of free tickets to Janet Jackson’s World Tour Concert at the Indoor Stadium last night, so despite not knowing many of her songs, I rocked up to the concert with my cousins. Mainly cos it was free and partially wanting to know what the Janet Jackson hype was all about. Well actually no, it’s just cos it was free.

After being to impressive concerts in Melbourne like U2, Bon Jovi, Coldplay, Foo Fighters, P!nk and John Mayer, I have to say Janet’s concert was quite a disappointment cos the sound system was very poor. Might have even been rented from Boon’s Jam studio in Potong Pasir. Not something I would pay to go for, but then again it was free!

As usual, concert venues don’t allow professional cameras, so this was taken with a Canon point-and-shoot and post-processed with HDR.

Haven’t decided what to shoot for today’s shot. More later.