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Day 9 of 365

City of Blinding Lights – U2

Brought the camera out today but I guess it’s one of those days – no good shots! Been trying to figure out which one to post and finally decided on this one, one and a half hours too late. Been thinking of many night shots to take around the house but my tripod hasn’t arrived – it’s still on a ship somewhere on its way back to Singapore from Melbourne.

This was taken with the 24-105mm from the 32nd floor of QV Apartments just before I left Melbourne. Set the camera on a long exposure on a tripod.

No HDR today, only minor Photoshop editing this time round. Damn, I miss this view.


Day 7 of 365

Love Profusion – Madonna

Was supposed to go around shooting today but that idea got thrown out of the window when it started raining so had to make do with stuff lying around the house. This shot is of a Sephora body scrub my sister left behind. Thought that the colour was pretty interesting and naturally HDR enhanced it to create a pseudo-neon effect.

Used the 24-105mm USM for this one with a Canon Speedlite 430 EX II fronting the shot and natural light coming from the window behind it. Promise to walk around tomorrow instead.