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Day 33 of 365

A very Happy Chinese New Year to all my Chinese friends and viewers out there. Tis’ the season to gobble down ’em oranges cos you can’t get them this good and sweet at any other time of the year. In light of recent reports of a certain prominent individual in Singapore making unnecessary anti-racial/religious comments, I thought it would be apt to caption this photo in Malay today. My stand on the matter is, we integrate fine in this country cos the last time I checked it was 2011 and not 1965.

I love how HDR brings out the colours and the texture of the oranges. If you look carefully, you can even see condensation trickling down the sides of the oranges cos this shot was taken just after taking the oranges out of the fridge. They’re not going to be around for long though, time to pop them in my mouth once i click Publish.

Happy Chinese New Year, Gong Xi Fa Cai!


Day 32 of 365

Photograph – Def Leppard

Can’t believe how fast time passes – it’s already been a month since I started this 365 and I’m fully loving it. So as part of a new month, I thought I’d explore a bit of black and white photography. Today’s shot is of an old Olympus OM10 which Dad to use way back in the days. From what I’ve heard, this camera only shoots in AV with no complete manual function, plus its lens is a 35-70mm f/4, which isn’t that fast. The camera stopped functioning due to moisture creeping in so it was replaced with a full-frame Canon EOS 5, which is the Canon 5D’s film predecessor and is oh-so-awesome (more on that another time).

Used the 50mm and set aperture size at f/22 with overhead lighting just above the Olympus. Not forgetting, HDR.


Day 30 of 365

The Sweetest Thing – U2

I’ve been an Apple fan for many years now, and after owning several Macs over the years I have to say my Macbook Pro is definitely my all-time favourite. It still impresses me how light, thin, powerful and durable it is as compared to many other PC laptops out there. Also, not forgetting how long the battery lasts on a full charge (10 hours!). As a homage to the original classic Apple logo, I bought a custom retro sticker and stuck it on the laptop (you can find it here). What’s more, the sticker is translucent, which means it glows when your screen is on!

Ok, without sounding too much like an Apple commercial, on to today’s shot. I set the camera using the 50mm lens on the tripod with an f/10 aperture size and 20s shutter speed. Relied on the lights in my room for lighting instead of setting the flash. HDR’ed to finish off. Love how HDR accentuates the colour of the retro Apple logo and brings out the texture of the leather couch. If you look carefully, you can even see the reflection of the laptop on the leather (where the ports are).

Til tomorrow.

Day 29 of 365

Yellow – Coldplay

Short post today cos I’ve caught the flu from someone at the mall (damn you, whoever you are). Anyway, was about to drop the Vitamin C tablet into the glass of water when I thought that it would be a good photo opportunity. Well, actually I took a picture of the tablet dissolving but I didn’t realise how immediate the reaction would be. Still, love how HDR makes the gassy bubbles and the colour of the water pop.

Til tomorrow.

Day 23 of 365

Spinning Around – Kylie Minogue

This ice-cream fan was given to me by my girlfriend just before we left Melbourne (naturally she’s got a pink one). It leans more towards vanity rather than practicality cos its motor isn’t the most powerful out there but it still gets the job well and keeps me cool. It’s actually part of her plan to make me cut back on eating ice-cream, which is one of my most notorious bad habits. Whether that plan has been effective – well that’s yet to be determined :p

Shot this with the 50mm with natural sunlight angled towards it through the wooden blinds and not forgetting HDR.

Til tomorrow.

Day 20 of 365

Chocolate – Kylie Minogue

Was craving for some Chocolate Cake so headed down to Lana’s Cake Shop at Hillcrest Avenue which is supposedly well-known. It turned out to be nothing spectacular, really. In fact the first (and only) time I tried it was many years back and I remember it tasted amazing – not exactly the case anymore. A marked up price ($35/800gm) which is nowhere as good as Death By Chocolate in Chapelis. Damn I miss Melbourne’s good food.

Shot this with the 50mm and finished off with HDR.

Now to watch Die Hard With a Vengeance! Ciao people.

Day 10 of 365

Pink – Aerosmith

Today’s post is of one of the flowers in the backyard. No idea what it is but I think it looks pretty interesting. These flowers used to be much healthier but there wasn’t anyone at home for more than a month to look after them. Still, pretty neat looking. Took this one with the 50mm and HDR’ed it to bring out the colours.


Day 5 of 365

Hot Mess – Cobra Starship

Early post today cos I’ll be at the airport sending off my sister and will most probably not make it for 365 tonight. This one’s of a manual stone grinder which is used to pound chilli and belachan; the combination of which gives even more spice and flavour into any type of curry. It sure tastes much better than it looks, save for the inevitable aftermath the next morning. Funny story, I used to religiously pound chilli for a friend in Melbourne during our weekly gatherings but I made the mistake of telling that to my family. Naturally, now all the pounding at home has to be done by me.  Somehow, pounding chilli in this stone grinder still tastes way better than throwing the chilli into an electric grinder.

Couldn’t resist using the 50mm again for this shot. HDR’ed it as usual to bring out the colours and the stone texture.

Now… I’ve gotta brace myself for the chilli’s after effects.

Peace out.

Day 3 of 365

The Unforgettable Fire – U2

Went to Carousel at Royal Plaza on Scotts today for High Tea as a treat for my sister who’s leaving for the UK again this Wednesday. Took a lot of shots with another lens but couldn’t resist swapping to my 50mm (yes, again) for a close up of the candles in the lobby. Love how the single candle and its flame stand out. Didn’t HDR this shot cos I thought it was beautiful on its own (save for minor adjustments in Photoshop).

Cheers people!


Day 2 of 365

Don’t go chasing waterfalls

Today’s shot is of a small Balinese rice mill that’s in our backyard pond. The pond used to be full of huge Koi and Guppies but they were too troublesome to maintain (something to do with them clogging up the filters, if you catch my drift), so what we’ve got left is some generic fish which surprisingly have lasted for a long while now.

This is my first attempt at HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography, which in my opinion isn’t too shabby. Love how it emphasizes the texture of the stone and algae while giving a ‘ghostly’ overall effect. While there are those who aren’t fans of HDR photography, those of you who haven’t heard about it before can learn more about it here.

I used the 50mm lens again for this shot. Can’t go wrong with the bokeh!