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Day 57 of 365

I’m In Miami Trick – LMFAO

Great Ocean Road.

Last one for today. More catch up shots tomorrow!


Day 56 of 365

Walk This Way – Aerosmith

Ironically, I’m afraid of dogs. Lol.

Day 55 of 365

Electrical Storm – U2

Christmas Show at Crown Casino.

Day 54 of 365

Purple Rain – Prince

I have no idea what flowers these are, but I really like this shot. HDR has done an excellent job of bringing out the purple colours.

Day 53 of 365

Ray of Light – Madonna

Awesome sunset. Love how the rays of light protrude through the clouds!

Day 52 of 365

Reflection – Christina Aguilera

Now this, I really like. HDR really brought out the texture of the rocks and the reflections on the water. This was taken at a nature reserve in Geelong.

Day 51 of 365

Smoke on the Water – Deep Purple

Here goes the massive catch-up that I need to do. This was taken somewhere along the way to Geelong, I think.

Day 48 of 365

The Bird – Prince

This photo was taken at an open park in Mount Dandenong a few months back. The little boy in the background was actually feeding these parrots, but when he ran out of bird food he decided to shoo them all away. I consider this to be a pretty lucky shot.

Day 45 of 365

That’s The Way Love Goes – Janet Jackson

Mmhmm, you know this post was coming. Pretty apt for the 14th of February, even though by the time I posted this the clock hit 12.01am, damn! Anyway, this is of a wooden heart that my girlfriend gave to me. She’s got one for herself too. Phew, I finally completed all the catch-up entries I needed to do. Score!


Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! 🙂

Day 44 of 365

Vogue – Madonna

Although there’s a photo of these statues in a group a few entries back, I felt this shot was cool cos HDR just brings out the shininess of the texture. Somehow, it also makes the statues look like they’re separate from the Louis Vuitton background. I like.