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Day 38 of 365

Black Cat – Janet Jackson

I got hold of free tickets to Janet Jackson’s World Tour Concert at the Indoor Stadium last night, so despite not knowing many of her songs, I rocked up to the concert with my cousins. Mainly cos it was free and partially wanting to know what the Janet Jackson hype was all about. Well actually no, it’s just cos it was free.

After being to impressive concerts in Melbourne like U2, Bon Jovi, Coldplay, Foo Fighters, P!nk and John Mayer, I have to say Janet’s concert was quite a disappointment cos the sound system was very poor. Might have even been rented from Boon’s Jam studio in Potong Pasir. Not something I would pay to go for, but then again it was free!

As usual, concert venues don’t allow professional cameras, so this was taken with a Canon point-and-shoot and post-processed with HDR.

Haven’t decided what to shoot for today’s shot. More later.