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Day 41 of 365

Space Oddity – David Bowie

This is the view of the main foyer of the ION mall taken from below. Love how HDR brings out the colours of the reflections in the glass. This kinda looks like the Mothership from Independence Day, somehow.


Day 40 of 365

Life in Technicolor – Coldplay

Back from yet another hiatus to Kuala Lumpur, which means no Internet connection (or was there?). In any case, here goes all the updates to catch up with the 365 cos the show must go on.

The following shots were taken during a short walkabout I took today around town. These statues somehow are supposed to promote the new ION mall in Orchard Road. Interesting how HDR brings out the colours and gives the statues a plasticine-ish kinda look.

Day 4 of 365

Billionaire – Travis McCoy feat. Bruno Mars

Phew, barely made this post with 10 minutes to spare before Day 5 as a result of procrastinating the whole day. Took this shot yesterday while going around town after high tea. For those who haven’t been back to Singapore in awhile, this multi-million dollar apartment sits on top of a (yet another) high-end shopping mall called ION. It’s at what used to be the slope beside Orchard MRT where Pinoy maids and Bangladeshi workers used to conglomerate every Sunday for picnics. Has this deterred them from still spending time along Orchard Road? Not really. Has the mall added to the slew of already uncountable high-end fashion houses along Orchard Road? Of course (which is no surprise, really). I’ve gotta say though, this apartment building is pretty awesome-looking.

Used my 28-105mm f/3.5-4.5 USM lens for this one. HDR’ed it with some new settings to bring out the colours. Hope you guys like it.