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Day 32 of 365

Photograph – Def Leppard

Can’t believe how fast time passes – it’s already been a month since I started this 365 and I’m fully loving it. So as part of a new month, I thought I’d explore a bit of black and white photography. Today’s shot is of an old Olympus OM10 which Dad to use way back in the days. From what I’ve heard, this camera only shoots in AV with no complete manual function, plus its lens is a 35-70mm f/4, which isn’t that fast. The camera stopped functioning due to moisture creeping in so it was replaced with a full-frame Canon EOS 5, which is the Canon 5D’s film predecessor and is oh-so-awesome (more on that another time).

Used the 50mm and set aperture size at f/22 with overhead lighting just above the Olympus. Not forgetting, HDR.