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Day 49 of 365

Burning Down The House – The Cardigans feat. Tom Jones

Ah, I miss this view from the 32nd floor. Need I say more?


Day 9 of 365

City of Blinding Lights – U2

Brought the camera out today but I guess it’s one of those days – no good shots! Been trying to figure out which one to post and finally decided on this one, one and a half hours too late. Been thinking of many night shots to take around the house but my tripod hasn’t arrived – it’s still on a ship somewhere on its way back to Singapore from Melbourne.

This was taken with the 24-105mm from the 32nd floor of QV Apartments just before I left Melbourne. Set the camera on a long exposure on a tripod.

No HDR today, only minor Photoshop editing this time round. Damn, I miss this view.