by Imran Abdullah


Day 57 of 365

I’m In Miami Trick – LMFAO

Great Ocean Road.

Last one for today. More catch up shots tomorrow!


Day 56 of 365

Walk This Way – Aerosmith

Ironically, I’m afraid of dogs. Lol.

Day 55 of 365

Electrical Storm – U2

Christmas Show at Crown Casino.

Day 54 of 365

Purple Rain – Prince

I have no idea what flowers these are, but I really like this shot. HDR has done an excellent job of bringing out the purple colours.

Day 53 of 365

Ray of Light – Madonna

Awesome sunset. Love how the rays of light protrude through the clouds!

Day 52 of 365

Reflection – Christina Aguilera

Now this, I really like. HDR really brought out the texture of the rocks and the reflections on the water. This was taken at a nature reserve in Geelong.

Day 51 of 365

Smoke on the Water – Deep Purple

Here goes the massive catch-up that I need to do. This was taken somewhere along the way to Geelong, I think.

Day 50 of 365

Back To December – Taylor Swift

After graduation we had a couple of days to spare so we went to that same parrot feeding place one last time. Boy, I enjoyed the look on my girlfriend’s face when the parrots started landing on her.

I miss those times.

Day 49 of 365

Burning Down The House – The Cardigans feat. Tom Jones

Ah, I miss this view from the 32nd floor. Need I say more?

Day 48 of 365

Photograph – Nickleback

This photo, which was also taken at Mount Dandenong, is of a Dad who was taking a picture of his children feeding the birds. He seems pretty oblivious of the fact that there’s a parrot…sitting on this head. Lol.